Battle of Britain Triple Aces

Battle of Britain Triple Aces

Triple Aces were pilots who were credited with shooting down 15 or more enemy aircraft. The Battle of Britain produced many aces (men who shot down 5 or more enemy aircraft) but triple aces were very rare. The figures below for triple ace kills are from July 1st 1940 to October 31st 1940 and include where necessary, where a pilot was in more than one squadron.


Carbury, B (Flying Officer) 15 kills, 1 shared


Frantisek, J (Sergeant) 17 kills Killed in Action 08/10/40


Gray, C (Pilot Officer) 15 kills, 1 shared


Lacey, J (Sergeant) 18 kills


Lock, E (Pilot Officer) 21 kills


McGrath, J (Pilot Officer) 15 kills


McKellar, A (Flight Lieutenant) 17 kills, 1 shared


Urbanowicz, W (Flying Officer) 15 kills

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