French 75 mm field gun

French 75 mm field gun

The French 75 mm field gun was one of the mainstay guns for the French artillery in World War One. It had a revolutionary design for the era and was considered an excellent gun but with one failing.

French 75 mm field gun


   The gun had a 3 inches calibre

   Each gun weighed 1,143 kg

   It had a range of 9000 meters

   It fired a 5.2 kg high explosive shell and a 7.2 kg shrapnel shell.

    It was first made in 1897 and by 1914, the French Army had 4000 of these guns

   By the end of the war, the French had 17,000 of them.

   Its firing rate was 20 rounds a minute - considered remarkably high for the era.

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