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History Learning Site

Topics covered on this site

Ancient Rome

Medieval England

Tudor England

Stuart England

Britain 1700 to 1900

World War One

World War Two

The role of British women in the Twentieth Century

Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany

Inventions and Discoveries of the Twentieth Century

Exam subjects (14 to 16 years)

Modern World History 1918 to 1980

A History of Medicine

Advanced Level History courses

Martin Luther

John Calvin

The Counter Reformation

Spain under Phillip II

The Revolt of the Spanish Netherlands

France in the Sixteenth Century

France In the Seventeenth Century

The Thirty Years War

Frederick William - the Great Elector

Peter the Great

Sweden 1611 to 1718

Ireland 1845 to 1922

The Civil Rights Movement in America 1945 to 1968

Advanced Level Politics courses

                  British Politics                   

American Politics


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