Cures for the Black Death


The Black Death wreaked havoc throughout Medieval England. The Black Death killed one in three people and was to have a direct link to the Peasants Revolt of 1381. ‘Cures’ for the Black Death went from the absurd to having a degree of common sense about them. Regardless of this, the casualty figures for the Black Death were massive.

Vinegar and water treatment If a person gets the disease, they must be put to bed. They should be washed with vinegar and rose water

Lancing the buboes
The swellings associated with the Black Death should be cut open to allow the disease to leave the body. A mixture of tree resin, roots of white lilies and dried human excrement should be applied to the places where the body has been cut open.


The disease must be in the blood. The veins leading to the heart should be cut open. This will allow the disease to leave the body. An ointment made of clay and violets should be applied to the place where the cuts have been made.
Diet We should not eat food that goes off easily and smells badly such as meat, cheese and fish. Instead we should eat bread, fruit and vegetables


The streets should be cleaned of all human and animal waste. It should be taken by a cart to a field outside of the village and burnt. All bodies should be buried in deep pits outside of the village and their clothes should also be burnt.

Pestilence medicine

Roast the shells of newly laid eggs. Ground the roasted shells into a powder. Chop up the leaves and petals of  marigold flowers. Put the egg shells and marigolds into a pot of good ale. Add treacle and warm over a fire. The patient should drink this mixture every morning and night.

Place a live hen next to the swelling to draw out the pestilence from the body. To aid recovery you should drink a glass of your own urine twice a day.

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    My name is Trinity Ota, and I am writing to comment on your section about the ‘Cures from the Black Death’. I feel that all f your information is precise, accurate and reliable. I needed these facts to make a leaflet for my History Homework about the Black Death, and I found that you information was clear and easy to understand. I was just wondering if, by any chance, you might be able to cover school subjects as well. I understand that you are Historians, and only go over that area, but it would really help if you also talked about Greek historical events. These include things like Perseus and the Kraken, King Midas, Pandora’s Box… If you could complete this, I would be very grateful. Thank You.

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    hi I was just wondering that how effective were the treatments that were used for The Black Death

    thankyou and please message back because it is for school work.

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