Medieval England

Medieval England

Medieval Personalities and Events

Medieval Kings and Queens

Edward the Confessor
Harold of Wessex
William the Conqueror
The Battle of Hastings
Scenes from the Battle of Hastings
The Bayeaux Tapestry
The Laws of William the Conqueror
Motte and Bailey Castles
Square Keep Castles
Concentric Castles
Castle Features
Defending a Castle
Glossary of Castle Terms
The End of Castles
Feudal Services
The Domesday Book
Thomas Becket
Magna Carta
King John
The Black Death
'Cures' for the Black Death
The Peasants' Revolt of 1381
The Hundred Years War
Medieval Topics
Medieval Farming
The Framing Year
Lifestyle of the Medieval Peasant
"The Poor Peasant"
Medieval Manor Houses
Medieval Names
Medieval Surnames
Food and Drink in Medieval England
Medieval Churches
Norman Church Architecture
Gothic Church Architecture
Medieval Universities 
Medieval Masons
Medieval Monasteries
Health and Medicine
Officials in a Medieval Village
Medieval Towns
Medieval Guilds
Medieval Law and Order
Medieval Christmas
The Longbow
Timeline of the Crusades
The First Crusade
Richard I and the Third Crusade
Richard the Lionheart v Saladin
The Children's Crusade
What did we get from the Crusades?

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