Medieval Village Officials

Medieval Village Officials

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Medieval Village Officials



Steward A steward was a lord's chief representative of a village. When a lord was not present in that village, the steward was in effective control of the village - though answerable to the lord if something went wrong.
Reeve The reeve was responsible for the overall general management of the village. A reeve was under the control of the steward. It was a reeve's responsibility to make sure that serfs in a village completed their labour service on the lord's land.
Messor A messor was the village official responsible for the work done in the fields.
Hayward The hayward was responsible for work done in the hay fields.
Woodward A woodward was responsible for woodland that the lord might have in the village.
Affeeror An Affeeror was responsible for ensuring that those fined by a Manor Court, actually paid their fines.
Ale Connor The Ale Connor was responsible for controlling the sale of ale in a village. He would ensure that only those villagers granted a licence by the Manor Court sold ale.
Pinder The Pinder was responsible for rounding up stray animals and putting them in a pinfold.
Tithing Leader Each tithing group within a village had a tithing leader and he would be responsible for what that tithing group did- ensuring that it met its work requirements etc.
Beadle The Beadle was responsible for maintaining law and order in a village.

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