February Popular Front won national elections and Azana
was appointed president of Spain.
March The right wing Falange Party was banned.
March to May Street riots; strikes and general anarchy in some
parts of Spain.
July Military uprisings in Spanish Morocco and some
parts of mainland Spain. The government dissolves the regular army. July
19th, Franco arrives
to take command of the army in Morocco.
Hitler agreed to help out the Nationalists.
Stalin agreed to help the Republicans. German and Italian planes airlift
Franco’s army to the Spanish mainland.
August First International Brigade volunteers arrived in
September A military junta named Franco
as head of state and c-in-c of the armed forces of Spain.
October The first aid from Russia arrives for the
November Germany and Italy recognise Franco
as head of Spain’s government.
February Nationalists started a major offensive against
Madrid. International Brigade played an important part in resisting this
March Battle of Guadalajara. Italian
“volunteers” defeated. This led to Franco
abandoning any attempt to take Madrid.
April Guernica destroyed by aerial bombing.
May Republican groups in Barcelona fell out causing
serious weaknesses in the city.
June The strategic city of Bilboa fell to the
August The Vatican recognised Franco’s regime.
April Republican Spain was split in two by the
May Franco declared that the Republicans had to
unconditionally surrender.
July Start of the collapse of the Republican army
after the Battle of the Ebro.
October International Brigade left Spain.
January Barcelona fell to Franco
February Britain and France recognised the legitimacy of
Franco’s government.
March Madrid surrendered to Franco
April Republicans surrendered unconditionally to