Chris Trueman

Chris Trueman

Chris Trueman BA (Hons), MBA set up in 2000. Sadly Chris passed away from an aggressive form of brain cancer in May 2013. He was only 55 years old and had been a teacher for 32 years. As Chris’ family we have taken it upon ourselves to keep his legacy and hard work alive by maintaining and further developing his website. He had a great passion for learning and education and we hope this site is a fitting memorial.

Chris obtained his BA (Hons) in History at Aberystwyth University. He then obtained a PGCE at Loughborough University with History as his primary subject and Physical Education as his secondary subject. Finally Chris achieved an MBA at Sussex University.

Mr T, as he was affectionately known, has been described by his pupils as an inspirational man who affected their lives long after they had left school. He had a deep knowledge of History and Politics and taught both of these at Secondary level in the UK. The work on this site was done by him over a number of years starting in 2000 and it will continue to grow under our guidance. Developments planned include British Twentieth Century History and England under the Stuart

This site is dedicated to the loving memory of Chris Trueman

Some of the comments of his former colleagues and students:

“Mr Trueman was the best head of year the class of 2005-2012 could have asked for.”

“He supported us and watched us grow from Year 7 onwards He was a great teacher, a great tutor and a great person.”

“Words can’t describe how devastating this news is to all of us. I don’t think people realise the huge impact people like Mr Trueman have on young lives. He was a charismatic, enthusiastic and truly dedicated teacher who will be sadly missed. I am now a teacher and Mr Trueman was one of the many reasons I became one. He is a true inspiration to me.”

“Mr Trueman was such a dedicated man who was fit and healthy and always had a smile. It is such a shame and a real wake-up call to enjoy life and make the most of everything you have.”

“He was loved and respected by all as a great teacher and a friendly supportive colleague. He was highly amusing with a dry wit and a great gift for storytelling. His students always enjoyed his lessons, enthused by his love of history and his endless stories of characters and events from the past”