In 1832 two acts were passed in Ireland that had a significant impact on the electoral process there. These were the Representation of the People (Ireland) Act 1832 and the Parliamentary Boundaries (Ireland) Act 1832.

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The 1832 act concerning representation increased the number of MP’s Ireland had from 100 to 105. Dublin, Waterford, Galway and Cork all got one extra MP as did Dublin University. The act also slightly increased the electorate as it expanded the requirements needed to gain the franchise to include £10 freeholders, those who held leases for life and leaseholders for at least 60 years. The many poor who lived in Ireland at this time had no hope of coming within these qualifications. In 1829, the law had been changed to allow Roman Catholics to stand as MP’s in the Commons. However, the qualification for having the right to vote was also changed – increased from 40 shillings to possession of freehold land worth £10 or more. This was an increase of five times and many in Ireland assumed it was a deliberate attempt to restrict the political rights of Catholics.

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