1957 The Treaty of Rome was signed by 6 European states
1967 The European Community was established
1973 Britain joined the European Community. Tory Prime Minister Edward Heath took Britain in.
1975 Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson had a referendum on Britain’s membership – the last national referendum this country has had. 66% voted yes – to stay in the European Community
1987 The Single European Act was signed. This was to create an internal market; “an area without frontiers in which the free movement of goods and persons, services and capital is ensured.”
1991 The Maastrict Treaty was signed. The heart of this was to create a single European currency so that Europe as an entity had a currency to challenge the international supremacy of the dollar. Britain, lead by Tory Prime Minister John Major, pushed for and got an “opt out” clause for Britain. This meant that we were part of the European Community and wanted to be a part of it, but not to participate in a single currency, therefore, maintaining the pound should we decide to do so.
1993 The European Union was formed
2002 The Euro was introduced on January 1st. Britain has it Five Tests – if these are answered successfully, then Britain will join the Euro. British public opinion does not appear to support the Euro as the first month of its life draws to an end.