Germany Awake


‘Deutschland Erwache’ was one of Adolf Hitler’sfavourite sayings especially in the lead up the January 1933 when he was appointed Chancellor. ‘Deutschland Erwache’ was still used by the Nazis after Hitler had got power as a way of warning the German public about the Jewsgetting everywhere. No one is quite sure where ‘Deutschland Erwache’ came from but it is almost certainly from work down by Richard Wagner – Hitler’s favourite composer. ‘Deutschland Erwache’ became the tile for one of the most popular songs in Nazi Germany:

“Storm, storm, storm, storm,


From tower to tower peal bells of alarm,


Peal out. Sparks fly as hammers strike.


Come Judas forth to win the Reich.


Peal out. The bloody ropes hang red


Around our martyred hero dead.


Peal out – that our thundering earth may know,


Salvation’s rage for honour’s sake.


To people dreaming  still comes woe


Germany awake! Awake!”

A similar version was also used at rallies called ‘Germany Awake! Perish Judah!’ This ‘chorus’ was meant to have been chanted by those present to give the impression of unity across the land against the Jews in Germany.

September 2012