Key Terms for Education and Class


Social mobility – the movement up or down the class system


Meritocracy – a society where one’s position is based upon one’s intrinsic ability.


Nepotism -where one is given a job or position in society through family or friends – not on ability.


Role allocation – the system of allocating people to roles which suit their aptitudes and capabilities.


Alienation – most people’s lives are spent soul destroying, following order and doing jobs that show no result of personal hard work.


Ideology – a set of ideas which present only a partial view of reality.


Ruling class ideology – a false picture of society which justifies the position of the ruling and subject classes.


League Tables – accessibility for government and parents to view stats and evidence of progression of schools and students by data.


Marketisation – school becomes a competitive business. Think of two market stalls on the same street competing for more customers.


Underclass – people that aren’t ‘right’ for society. This could be down to post code, long term benefits, single parent families, young mother, crime convictions, social class etc.


Courtesy of Lee Bryant, Director of Sixth Form, Anglo-European School, Ingatestone, Essex