Anne of Denmark was the wife of James I, the first of the Stuart monarchs. Anne was born on October 14th, 1574 at Skanderborg Castle in Denmark. She married James by proxy in August 1589 though the actual marriage took place in Oslo on November 23rd, 1589.

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James thought of himself as an intellectual and academic. It is said that he found Anne frivolous and less than academic. With little to bond them, James preferred the company of his favourites though he always ensured that Anne lived the life as befitted a queen. Anne shared her husband’s view that monarchy should live the lifestyle of monarchy. She spent large sums of money on clothes and jewels. Anne also ensured that her eldest son, Henry, heir to the throne, was equally lavished with gifts and symbols of what James called ‘magnificence’. Anne spent large sums of money on Somerset House (her residence in London) and re-named it Denmark House. Neither Anne nor James had any real understanding of finance – both believed that if they needed something, they should have it.


The early death of Henry in 1612 meant that Anne’s second son, Charles, became the heir to the throne.


Anne died on March 4th, 1619 aged 44. She was buried in Westminster Abbey.

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