The Cavalier Parliament introduced the Corporation Act of 1661. The Corporation Act was designed to strengthen the power of Charles II and was part of the Restoration Settlement. The Act was designed to remove from town office anyone suspected of disloyalty. In the years leading to the Civil War and in the years of the Interregnum, many Royalists had been removed from office and replaced by those loyal to Parliament. The Corporation Act appointed commissioners who could remove anyone from office who refused the oaths of allegiance and supremacy, the oath against resisting the Crown or the declaration against the covenant. Even it the office holder passed all this, he could still be removed from office if the commissioner believed that he was not loyal to the government. This law allowed all those suspected of being disloyal to the new king to be removed and replaced by loyal post holders. As a result the Corporation Act of 1661, Royalists took over very manner posts in towns, thus extending royal influence throughout England. The Act proved to be a highly effective piece of legislation.


March 2007