Ulrich Zwingli produced the ’67 Articles’ in 1523. This was simply a document of 67 statements that clearly showed the way and direction of Zwingli’s thinking. Some of the more important statements in Zwingli’s 67 Articles include:

  1. All who say that the Gospel is invalid without the confirmation of the church err and slander God.
  1. Christ is the only mediator between God and ourselves.
  1. God will always give everything in Christ’s name, whence it follows that for our part after this life we need no mediator except him.
  1. When we pray for one another on Earth, we do so in such a way that we believe that all things are to be given to us through Christ alone.
  1. Christ is our justification, from which follows that our good works, if they are of Christ, are good; but if ours, they are neither right or good.
  1. No Christian is bound to do those things which God has not decreed; hence one may eat at all times all food.
  1. All Christian men are brethren of Christ and brothers to one another; and the title of father should not be assumed by anyone on Earth. This includes orders, sects and factions.
  1. All that God has allowed or not forbidden is right, hence marriage is permitted to all human beings.
  1. There is no ground in the teaching of Christ for the pretensions of the so-called spiritual authority.
  1. Whereas the jurisdiction and authority of the secular power is based on the teachings and actions of Christ.
  1. All the rights and protection that the so-called spiritual authority claims belong to secular governments provided they are Christian.
  1. To them likewise, all Christians owe obedience without exception.
  1. To sum up; that realm is best and most stable which is ruled in accordance with God’s will alone, and the worst and weakest is that which is ruled arbitrarily.

The ’67 Articles’ was produced in January 1523 for a public debate in Zurich. Zwingli was keen to open up Zurich to thinking and debate as he felt that such an approach would enrich the city and develop a greater love of God.