Jane Seymour was Henry VIII’s third wife. Jane married him just eleven days after Anne Boleyn was executed. The marriage between Jane Seymour and Henry was on May 30th 1536.

Jane was born between 1507 and 1509. The Seymour’s were a well-respected and old noble family. Jane had been a maid of honour at the court of both Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn. As one of Anne’s maids of honour, Jane had been caught by Anne sitting on the knee of the king. The heavily pregnant Anne was so angry, that she miscarried.

Jane was considered to be a modest and gentle person – the opposite to the sharp tempered and sharp-tongued Anne. However, she refused to be the mistress of the king. With one divorce behind him, Henry could not risk another without alienating the English public. Hence his plan to have Anne arrested for treason and her execution. Once Anne was executed, he was free to marry again.

Jane proved to be a submissive wife. She challenged the king just once in public. When she realised how angry Henry was as a result of this, Jane resolved never to do it again.

In October 1537, Jane gave birth to the son Henry desperately wanted. He was called Edward and would be the future Edward VI. However, just 12 days after the birth of Edward, Jane died of septicemia. Henry was distraught. It would be three years before he married again. Such was his love for Jane, that Henry ordered that he should be buried next to her when he died.