The major Commonwealth nations played a significant part in World War One. Men from such Commonwealth nations like Canada, Australia, India and New Zealand fought at many of the major battles in the war – Gallipoli, Ypres, Vimy Ridge, the Somme, for example – and the Victoria Cross was awarded to men from Commonwealth forces in recognition of their bravery. However, the battles they fought in were fierce and casualties were high as the following figures show. When looked at against the overall figures, it is clear that Commonwealth forces played a major part in World War One.


Australia: 58,150 dead; 152,170 wounded. Total = 210,320


Canada: 56,500 dead; 149,700 wounded. Total = 206,200


India: 43,200 dead; 65,175 wounded. Total = 108,375


New Zealand: 16,130 dead; 40,750 wounded. Total = 56,880