September 1st Germany invaded Poland. First use of Blitzkrieg. Britain and France gave Germany an ultimatum to get out. Blackout and evacuation plans were put in place in Britain.
September 2nd Chamberlain sent Hitler an ultimatum: withdraw German troops fromPoland or war will be declared. The Luftwaffe gained air superiority over the Polish air force.
September 3rd Germany ignored the ultimatum and Britain and France declared war on Germany. British troops (the BEF) were sent to France.

The passenger liner “Athenia” was sunk by U-30 off of Ireland. 112 of the passengers were killed.

September 4th The RAF raided German warships based in the Heligoland Bight.
September 6th South Africa declared war on Germany; Egypt broke off relations with Germany,
September 9th The IV Panzer Division reached Warsaw.
September 17th Russia’s Red Army attacked Poland from the east
September 24th 1,150 German aircraft bombed Warsaw
September 26th The Luftwaffe attacked the Royal Navy at Scapa Flow.
September 27th Poland surrendered to Germany.
October 6th Last Polish troops ceased fighting. Hitler launched his “Peace Offensive” but this was rejected by Neville Chamberlain
October 14th ‘HMS Royal Oak’ is torpedoed at Scapa Flow by U-47
November 30th Russia’s Red Army invaded Finland
December 13th The Battle of the River Plate was fought
December 14th Russia expelled from the League of Nations

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