Those pilots fromBelgium who fought in the Battle of Britainhad managed to escape from theBlitzkrieg onslaught in the spring of 1940. They readily joined the Royal Air Force, as it was their only way to get back at the Nazi invasion of their homeland. Unlike some young British pilots inFighter Command, many pilots from Belgium were battle-hardened as they had fought not only in defence of their own country but also in the defence ofFrance before withdrawing to RAF bases in the UK.


P/O M Buchin

Sgt. R E de Cannart d’Hamale

P/O B M G de Hemptinne

P/O R G C de Hemricourt de Grunne

P/O L J Dejace

Sgt. R J G Demoulin

P/O F X E de Spirel

P/O G Dieu

P/O G L J Doutrepont

P/O H A C Gonay

Sgt. L. Heimes

P/O L L G Javaux

P/O A R I G Jottard

P/O J C Kirkpatrick

Sgt. O G Lejeune

P/O D A R G le Roy du Vivier

P/O R F F Malengreau

Sgt. A C A Michiels

P/O J H M Offenberg

P/O V Ortmans

P/O J A L Philippart

P/O L Prevot

P/O C L Roman

P/O E G A Seghers

P/O A E A D J G Van Den Hove d’Ertsenrijck

P/O W Van Lierde

P/O A A L Van Waeyenberghe

Sgt. F A Venesoen

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