Canadian Pilots and the Battle of Britain

Many young pilots from Canada joined Fighter Command to fight in the Battle of Britain. 85 Canadians fought in the battle and 22 were killed – just over a quarter of those who volunteered. By the end of World War Two many more had died.



P/O P Beake

P/O E Beardmore

P/O W Beley*

P/O J Benzie*

F/O H Blatchford

P/O C Bon-Seigneur*

F/O J Boyle, J*

F/O Briese

F/O D Brown D

P/O M Brown M

Fl Lt M Brown M

P/O J Bryson*

P/O A Campbell

P/O N Campbell*

P/O J Carrier

P/O G Carthew

P/O E Charles

P/O J Chevrier

P/O A Cochrane

P/O G Corbett*

Fl Lt V Corbett

P/O L Cryderman

F/O Desloges

P/O N Edmond*

F/O R Edwards*

P/O H Edwards*

P/O F Elger

F/O G Elliott

Fl Lt A Fletcher

P/O C Frizell

P/O R Fumerton

Fl Lt M Gaunce

Sq Ld J Gordon

P/O R Grassick

Fl Lt H Hamilton*

F/O T Harnett

F/O J Hart

P/O N Hart

P/O D Hewitt*

P/O R Howley*

F/O Hyde

P/O J Johnston*

Fl Lt A Kent

F/O B Kerwin**

P/O J Laricheliere*

P/O J Latta

P/O R Lewis

F/O T Little

F/O P Lochman

Fl Lt G McGregor

P/O W McKnight

Sq Ld E McNab

F/O W Millar

P/O J Milne

F/O H Molson

F/O W Nelson

F/O A Nesbitt

F/O R Norris

F/O P O’Brian

F/O A Ogilvie

F/O Pattison

F/O O Peterson*

F/O P Pitcher, P

P/O G Pushman

P/O H Reilley*

Fl Lt E Reyno

Sgt L Ricks

F/O B Russell

P/O K Sclanders*

P/O J Smith

P/O R Smith

F/O R Smithers*

P/O H Sprague

F/O Sprenger

P/O H Tamblyn

F/O Trevana

F/O A Trueman*

F/O R Turner

P/O J Walker

P/O J Walker

P/O C Wallace

P/O J Walsh

P/O F Watson

P/O R Wilson*

F/O A Yuile


Sgt = Sergeant

P/O = Pilot Officer

F/O = Flying Officer

Fl Lt = Flight Lietenant

Sq Ld = Squadron Leader


All ranks given are at the time of the Battle of Britain


* = killed during the Battle of Britain


** = died later of injuries received during the Battle of Britain


Every effort has been made for accuracy. If you find an error please contact the editor.

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