Many young pilots from Canada joined Fighter Command to fight in the Battle of Britain. 85 Canadians fought in the battle and 22 were killed – just over a quarter of those who volunteered. By the end of World War Two many more had died.



P/O P Beake

P/O E Beardmore

P/O W Beley*

P/O J Benzie*

F/O H Blatchford

P/O C Bon-Seigneur*

F/O J Boyle, J*

F/O Briese

F/O D Brown D

P/O M Brown M

Fl Lt M Brown M

P/O J Bryson*

P/O A Campbell

P/O N Campbell*

P/O J Carrier

P/O G Carthew

P/O E Charles

P/O J Chevrier

P/O A Cochrane

P/O G Corbett*

Fl Lt V Corbett

P/O L Cryderman

F/O Desloges

P/O N Edmond*

F/O R Edwards*

P/O H Edwards*

P/O F Elger

F/O G Elliott

Fl Lt A Fletcher

P/O C Frizell

P/O R Fumerton

Fl Lt M Gaunce

Sq Ld J Gordon

P/O R Grassick

Fl Lt H Hamilton*

F/O T Harnett

F/O J Hart

P/O N Hart

P/O D Hewitt*

P/O R Howley*

F/O Hyde

P/O J Johnston*

Fl Lt A Kent

F/O B Kerwin**

P/O J Laricheliere*

P/O J Latta

P/O R Lewis

F/O T Little

F/O P Lochman

Fl Lt G McGregor

P/O W McKnight

Sq Ld E McNab

F/O W Millar

P/O J Milne

F/O H Molson

F/O W Nelson

F/O A Nesbitt

F/O R Norris

F/O P O’Brian

F/O A Ogilvie

F/O Pattison

F/O O Peterson*

F/O P Pitcher, P

P/O G Pushman

P/O H Reilley*

Fl Lt E Reyno

Sgt L Ricks

F/O B Russell

P/O K Sclanders*

P/O J Smith

P/O R Smith

F/O R Smithers*

P/O H Sprague

F/O Sprenger

P/O H Tamblyn

F/O Trevana

F/O A Trueman*

F/O R Turner

P/O J Walker

P/O J Walker

P/O C Wallace

P/O J Walsh

P/O F Watson

P/O R Wilson*

F/O A Yuile


Sgt = Sergeant

P/O = Pilot Officer

F/O = Flying Officer

Fl Lt = Flight Lietenant

Sq Ld = Squadron Leader


All ranks given are at the time of the Battle of Britain


* = killed during the Battle of Britain


** = died later of injuries received during the Battle of Britain


Every effort has been made for accuracy. If you find an error please contact the editor.

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