Those pilots from France who fought in the Battle of Britain had managed to escape from the Blitzkrieg onslaught in the spring of 1940. They readily joined the Royal Air Force, as it was their only way to get back at the Nazi invasion of their homeland. Unlike many young British pilots in Fighter Command, many pilots from France were battle-hardened, as they had gained flying experience in combat in defence of their own country before withdrawing to RAF bases in the UK.


ADJ P M Blaize

ADJ H J Bouquillard

ADJ Y J Briere

ADJ M P C Choron

ADJ F H E J A DeLaboucchere

ADJ X de DeMontbron

2/Lt. J-F Demozay

Capt. C J M P deScitivaux de Greische

ADJ E F M L Fayolle

ADJ C P Guerin

ADJ H G Lafont

ADJ R G O J Mouchotte

ADJ G C Perrin

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