Principal planes used by Great Britain

PlaneTypeMaximum speedWeapons
SpitfireFighter361 mph8 x .303 machine guns
HurricaneFighter328 mph8 x .303 machine guns

Principle planes used by Germany

PlaneTypeMaximum speedWeapons
Messerschmitt 109Fighter357 mph2 x 7.9 mm machine guns
1 x 20 mm cannon
Messerschmitt 110Fighter*349 mph2 x 20 mm cannon
4 x 7.9 mm machine guns
1 x 7.9 mm free mounted machine gun
Junkers 87 (Stuka)Bomber217 mph1 x 1,,102 lbs. bomb
4 x 110 lbs. bombs
Junkers 88Bomber292 mph5,510 lbs. of bombs
Heinkel 111Bomber258 mph5,510 lbs. of bombs
Dornier 17Bomber270 mph2,210 lbs. of bombs
Dornier 215Bomber311 mph2,215 lbs. of bombs

The Messerschmitt 110 was also used as a fighter/bomber and as an escort for bombers.

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