Pilots from the Fleet Air Arm made a significant contribution to the Battle of Britain. The Royal Navy had control of home waters in 1940, and it was assumed that men trained to fly in the Fleet Air Arm could better spend their time attached to squadrons from Fighter Command. Fifty-five pilots from the Fleet Air Arm flew at least one recognised operational sortie during the battle and seven were killed. Others were killed in later campaigns. Those marked * were killed in the Battle of Britain.



Begg, G (Sub Lieutenant)

Birch, R (Lieutenant)

Birrell, M (Midshipman)

Blake, A (Sub Lieutenant) *

Bramah, H (Sub Lieutenant)

Bulmer, G (Sub Lieutenant) *

Bunch, S (Sub Lieutenant)

Carpenter, J (Sub Lieutenant) *

Carver, R (Lieutenant)

Chilton, P (Sub Lieutenant)

Coates, J (Lieutenant)

Cockburn, J (Lieutenant)

Cockburn, R (Sub Lieutenant)

Cork, R (Sub Lieutenant)

Dawson-Paul, F (Sub Lieutenant) *

Dubber, R

Gardner, R (Sub Lieutenant)

Gilbert, P (Midshipman)

Grant, M (Sub Lieutenant)

Greenshields, H (Sub Lieutenant) *

Guthrie, G (Sub Lieutenant)

Guy, P (Midshipman)

Hay, R (Lieutenant)

Hutchinson, D (Sub Lieutenant)

Jeram, D (Sub Lieutenant)

Kestin, I (Sub Lieutenant)

Kindersley, A (Lieutenant)

Lamb, R (Sub Lieutenant)

Lennard, P (Midshipman)

MacKinnon, A (Lieutenant)

Mahoney, T (Petty Officer)

Marsh, A (Lieutenant)

Martin, R (Sub Lieutenant)

Moss, W (Sub Lieutenant) *

Nowell, W (Sub Lieutenant)

Parke, T (Sub Lieutenant)

Paterson, B (Sub Lieutenant)

Patterson, P (Midshipman)

Pudney, G (Sub Lieutenant)

Reardon-Parker, J (Sub Lieutenant)

Richards (Sub Lieutenant)

Roberts, G (Midshipman)

Russell, G F (Lieutenant)

Shaw, F (Petty Officer)

Sleigh, J (Lieutenant)

Smith, F (Sub Lieutenant) *

Stockwell, W (Petty Officer)

Sykes, J (Sub Lieutenant)

Taylor, D (Petty Officer)

Taylour, E (Lieutenant)

Tillard, R (Lieutenant)

Walsh, R (Sub Lieutenant)

Wightman, O (Midshipman)

Worrall, T (Sub Lieutenant)

Wright, A (Lieutenant)


I hope that these lists of pilots are accurate. However, if you believe that there are any mistakes, please contact the editor.

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