January 5th

The start of a major Russian offensive into the Ukraine


January 20th

Novgorod was recaptured by the Russians.


January 29th

The Leningrad-Moscow rail line was re-opened effectively ending the siege of Leningrad. 


March 7th

Japan started ‘Operation U-Go’ – an attempt to push the Allies back to India by destroying the Allied bases at Imphal and Kohima. 


March 15th

The Allies dropped 1,250 tons of bombs on Cassino, Italy, at the start of a major offensive.


March 24th

Orde Wingate, head of the Chindits, was killed in a plane crash.


March 26th

The Russian Army moves onto Rumanian soil for the first time. 


April 8th

The Russians launched their final attack on German forces in the Crimea.


May 9th

The Crimea was cleared of German resistance; Sebastopol was retaken.


May 11th

The Allies started their effort to outflank the monastery at Cassino.


May 17th

Kesselring ordered the German evacuation of Cassino; Monte Cassino evacuated.


May 23rd

The Americans started their break-out from Anzio beach.


May 25th

The Americans started their drive to Rome.


June 3rd

Hitler ordered Kesselring to withdraw from Rome.


June 4th

Allied troops entered Rome.


June 6th

D-Day. Allied forces landed in Normandy.


June 13th

First V1 landed in Britain.


June 18th

US forces trapped the German garrison at Cherbourg.


June 19th

‘The Great Marianas Turkey Shoot in the Far East.


July 9th

Effective end of Japanese resistance on Saipan in the Marianas Islands.


July 17th

First Russian units get to Poland.


July 18th

Japan ended its attempt to destroy Kohima and Imphal when the Japanese High Command called off the offensive.

‘Operation Goodwood’ launched by British and Canadian forces to drive towards Caen. 


July 20th

‘The July Bomb Plot – the failed attempted to kill Hitler.


July 27th

Lvov was liberated by the Russian Army.


August 1st

Effective end of Japanese resistance on Tinian, Marianas Islands.  


August 10th

Japanese resistance in Guam ended.


August 15th

The Russians announced that the new Polish Committee of National Liberation is, in the Russians view, the new representative government of Poland. 


August 25th

Paris liberated by the Allies.

Rumania declared war on Germany.


September 2nd

Russian troops reached the border of Bulgaria.


September 3rd

Brussels liberated by the British 2nd Army.


September 4th

Antwerp liberated by the British 2nd Army.


September 5th

Rundstedt appointed commander-in-chief of the German Army in the west; he was ordered by Hitler to attack the advancing Allies.

Ghent liberated by the Allies.


September 8th

First V2 landed in Britain.

Russian troops crossed into Bulgaria.


September 10th

Eisenhower agreed to Montgomery’s plan that led to the Arnhem raid.


September 17th

Start of ‘Operation Market Garden’ – the attack on Arnhem.  


September 21st

British troops at Arnhem bridge were overwhelmed by SS IX and X Divisions.


September 22nd

German troops in Boulogne surrendered. 


September 30th

German troops in Calais surrendered. 


September 25th

Evacuation of surviving paratroopers from Arnhem began.


November 12th

The ‘Tirpitz’ was sunk by British bombers.


December 16th

Start of the Battle of the Bulge.


December 25th 

Japanese resistance on Leyte ended.

The US 2nd Armoured Division stopped the II Panzer Division reaching the River Meuse.


December 26th

Hitler was informed that Antwerp cannot be retaken.