The fall of Crete took place in May 1941. It was the largest German paratrooper assault of World War Two

The Siege of Leningrad
The Siege of Leningrad

April 25th Hitler issued Führer Directive 28 – this ordered ‘Operation Merkur‘ – the attack on Crete.
April 29th Main evacuations from Greece ended.
April 30th General Wavell visited Crete and General Freyberg was appointed commander of the defence force in Crete.
May 16th The last British reinforcements arrived in Crete.
May 19th Freyberg ordered the last airworthy aircraft to be flown out of Crete.
May 20th Operation Merker‘ began. In the initial phase of the attack, the Germans did not do well and only gained a foothold at Máleme.
May 21st The Germans gained control of Máleme as a British counter-attack was too light-weight and also the attack was delayed.
May 22nd The British withdrew from Máleme and the Germans had free access to land reinforcements and supplies.
May 24th The Germans prepared for their main attack across the island.
May 25th The Germans failed to break the British line at Galatas.
May 26th The Germans were successful at Galaria and Perivolia.
May 27th Freyberg received authorisation for a withdrawal from the island.
May 28th Evacuation began.
May 29th Rearguard British units surrendered to the Germans
May 31st The last British men in Crete are evacuated and the Germans controlled the island.

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