While pilots from abroad fought with distinction in the Battle of Britain, the majority of pilots were from Great Britain. No official record of Battle of Britain pilots survived World War Two – only those who had died, and it is their names that are on a memorial in Westminster Abbey, which was unveiled in 1947. It took a RAF officer fourteen years (1955 to 1969) to create a thorough list of all the pilots who fought in the battle (and died).


Names marked with * were killed during the Battle of Britain


Rabagliatoi, A (Fl Lt)

Rabone, J (FO)

Rabone, P (PO)

Rafter, R (PO)

Raine, W (Sgt)

Rains, D (Sgt)

Ralls, L (Sgt)

Ramsay, J (PO) *

Ramsay J (Sgt)

Ramsay, N (Sgt)

Ramshaw, J (Sgt) *

Ravenhill, M (PO) *

Rawlence, A (PO)

Rawnsley, C (Sgt)

Ray (Sgt)

Raymond, P (FO)

Rayner, R (PO)

Read, W (FO)

Ream, C (Sgt)

Reardon-Parker, J (Sub Lieutenant, Fleet Air Arm)

Reddington, L (Sgt) *

Redfern, E (Sgt)

Redman, J (PO)

Reece, L (Sgt) *

Reed, H (Sgt)

Rees, B (PO)

Reid, R (PO)

Renvoize, J (Sgt)

Rhodes, R (PO)

Rhodes-Moorehouse, W (FO) *

Ricalton, A (PO) *

Rich, P (Sgt)

Richards (Sub Lieutenant, Fleet Air Arm)

Richards, W (Sgt)

Richardson, E (Sgt)

Richardson, W (Sq Ld)

Richardson, R (Sgt)

Richardson (Sgt)

Ricketts, H (Sgt)

Ricketts, V (PO)

Riddell-Hannam, J (Sgt)

Riddle, C (FO)

Riddle, H (FO)

Ridley, M (Sgt) *

Rigby, R (PO) *

Riley, W (Fl Lt)

Riley, F (PO)

Rimmet, R (Fl Lt) *

Ringwood, E (Sgt) *

Ripley, W (Sgt)

Rippon, A (PO)

Riseley, A (Sgt)

Ritcher, G (PO)

Ritchie, J R (PO)

Ritchie, J H (PO)

Ritchie, I (PO)

Ritchie, R (PO)

Ritchie, T (PO)

Roach, R (PO)

Robb, R (PO)

Robbins, R (PO)

Roberts, A (Sgt)

Roberts, D (Sgt)

Roberts, D N (Wn Com)

Roberts, E (Sgt)

Roberts, F (Sgt)

Roberts, G (Midshipman, Fleet Air Arm)

Robertson, B (Sgt)

Robertson, F (Sgt)

Robinson, A (Fl Lt)

Robinson, D (Sgt)

Robinson, G (PO)

Robinson, J (Sgt)

Robinson, J C (PO)

Robinson, M (Fl Lt)

Robinson, M (Sq Ld)

Robinson, P (Fl Lt)

Robinson, P (Sgt)

Robinson, P T (Sgt)

Robshaw, F (PO)

Robson, N (PO)

Roden, H (Sgt)

Roff, B (PO)

Rogers, B (PO)

Rogers, E (PO)

Rogers, G (Sgt)

Rolls, W (Sgt)

Romanis, A (Sgt)

Rook, A (Fl Lt)

Rook, M (PO)

Roscoe, G (FO)

Rose, E (PO)

Rose, J (FO)

Rose, J S (Sgt)

Rose, S (PO)

Rose-Price, A (PO) *

Rosier, F (Sq Ld)

Ross, A (PO)

Ross, J (PO)

Rothwell, J (PO)

Round, J (Sgt) *

Rourke, J (Sgt)

Rouse, G (Sgt)

Rowden, J (PO)

Rowell, P (Sgt)

Rowley, R (PO)

Royce, M (FO)

Royce, W (FO)

Rozycki, W (PO)

Ruddock, W (Sgt)

Rudland, C (Sgt)

Rushmer, F (Fl Lt)

Russell, A (Sgt)

Russell, G F (Lieutenant, Fleet Air Arm)

Russell, G H (PO)

Russell, H (Fl Lt)

Russell (PO)

Rust, C (Sgt)

Ruston, P (Fl Lt)

Rutter, R (PO)

Ryalls, D (PO)

Ryder, E (Fl Lt)


Sgt = Sergeant

Fl Sgt = Flight Sergeant

PO = Pilot Officer

FO = Flying Officer

Fl Lt = Flight Lieutenant

Sq Ld = Squadron Leader

Wg Com = Wing Commander


Rank held during Battle of Britain.


I hope that these lists of pilots are accurate. However, if you believe that there are any mistakes, please contact the editor.

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