Each year the following poem (‘Our Wall’) is read out at a service at Capel-le-Fearne in honour of the men who fought in the Battle of Britain and especially those who died in the battle.


“Here inscribed the names of friends we knew

Young men with whom we often flew.

Scrambled to many angels high,

They knew that they or friends might die.

Many were very scarcely trained,

And many badly burnt or maimed.

Behind each name a story lies

Of bravery in summer skies;

Though many brave unwritten tales

Were simply told in vapour trails.

Many now lie in sacred graves

And many rest beneath the waves.

Outnumbered every day they flew,

Remembered here as just ‘The Few’.


The memorial wall was added to the Battle of Britain Memorial (that was unveiled in 1993) in 2005. Nearly 3000 names are engraved on black granite tablets.