About the Author

About the Author

In May 2013, Chris Trueman, the author of much of this website, sadly died of cancer. Chris was extremely passionate about the History Learning Site and what it can offer its readers and it was his intention to continue to expand the depth and breadth of topics on the site.

Chris's niece and nephew, together with the team of history graduates and writers at Business Data, are endeavouring to carry on his legacy in the way that he would have wanted and grow this comprehensive resource.

Chris Trueman BA (Hons), MA set up www.historylearningsite.co.uk in 2000 as he felt there was no easily accessible and comprehensive website on World History on the web. The site has grown in popularity and is now viewed by hundreds of thousands of people each month from around the world.

Chris wrote much of the content for the site from his in-depth knowledge of History having taught History and Politics at a major secondary school in England for the last 26 years. Chris graduated with a BA (Honours) in History from Aberystwyth University, Wales in 1979, went on to study at Loughborough University then gained a MA in management from Brighton University in 2000.

As well as History, Chris taught British and American Politics at advanced level and both subjects are covered in depth on his site. Current plans for the site include a major section on British History in the Twentieth Century and an in-depth study on Stuart England targeted at those studying at Advanced level. More material will be added on Gallipoli in the First World War to commemorate the 2015 Centenary anniversary of the Allies' attempts to capture the peninsula.

We have made every effort to be as unbiased and objective as possible in presenting the facts and interpreting events. If you feel that a particular area needs attention do not hesitate to send in any information or opinion that you may have. We will consider it for inclusion on the site.

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