Nazi Germany Military Expenditure

Nazi Germany Military Expenditure

German military expenditure in the second-half of the 1930ís greatly outstripped the UKís military expenditure. This all fitted in with the Four-Year Plan introduced in September 1936, whereby Nazi Germanyís economy was totally oriented around boosting the three spheres of the military Ė army, air force and navy. The UK only matched Germanyís military expenditure in 1939.


Nazi Germanyís military expenditure as a percentage of GDP:


1935: 8% (UK 2% of nationís GDP)


1936: 13% (UK 5% of nationís GDP)


1937: 13% (UK 7% of nationís GDP)


1938: 17% (UK 8% of nationís GDP)


1939: 23% (UK 22% of nationís GDP)


1940: 38% (UK 53% of nationís GDP)


1941: 47% (UK 60% of nationís GDP)


1942: 55% (UK 64% of nationís GDP)


1943: 61% (UK 63% of nationís GDP)


May 2012

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