The March 5th 1933 election held in Nazi Germany was the last election to be held under Hitler’s rule. Hitler may well have expected the election to have resulted in an overwhelming Nazi victory but he was wrong. The Nazi Party got less than 50% of the votes cast by 39 million voters. Other right wing parties pushed the vote for the right to just over 50% but it was not the result Hitler would have wanted in the election as it showed that many were still not in support of what the Nazis were trying to achieve. This may well have been one of the reasons why the Enabling Act was passed as such an act meant that Nazi Germany no longer needed elections when the word of the Fuhrer became law within 24 hours of pen being put to paper.


Nazis (NSDAP): 288 Reichstag seats: 43.9% of votes cast


German National Party: 52 seats: 8.0% of votes cast


Catholic Centre: 92 seats: 13.9% of votes cast


German Democratic Party: 5 seats: 0.9% of votes cast


Social Democrats: 120 seats: 18.3% of votes cast


Communist Party: 81 seats: 12.3% of votes cast


Others: 9 seats: 1.6% of votes cast


39.1 million votes cast

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