Despite the recent history that existed between Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland (Eire) pre-World War Two, ten pilots from the Republic of Ireland volunteered to fight for Fighter Command in its hour of need. Fighter Command was rarely short of aircraft as the Hurricane, the mainstay of the Battle of Britain, was an easily repairable aircraft even if it had suffered what appeared to be serious damage. Fighter Command was short of pilots so those who crossed the Irish Sea provided it with an invaluable service.


W/Cdr. F V Beamish
P/O B B Considine
F/Lt. R S J Edwards
F/O B E Finucane
P/O G J Grogan
S/Ldr. H Harkness
F/O J A Hemingway
F/Lt. N L Ievers
F/Lt. J I Kilmartin
P/O W W McConnell


W/Cdr = Wing Commander

S/Ldr = Squadron Leader

F/Lt = Flight Lieutenant

P/O = Pilot Officer

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