Ninety-eight pilots from New Zealand fought in the Battle of Britain in 1940. As part of the Commonwealth, many in New Zealand wanted to ‘do their bit’ for the Allies war effort and the near century of Kiwi pilots played a major part in the success of Fighter Command in the battle and thirteen (marked *) were killed with more being killed at a later stage in World War Two.


FO H L Allan *

Sgt M R Andrews

Sgt S J Arnfield

Sgt J Bayly

Sgt A Bennison

PO J Bickerdyke *

Sq Ld Blake

Sgt J Brennan

Fl Lt F Brinsden

Sgt R Brookman

Sgt W Burns

PO L Burton

PO C Bush

Sgt A Campbell

Sgt D Campbell

FO B Carbury

FO M Carswell

Sq Ld A Clouston

Fl Lt W Couston

PO D Cobden

PO B Collyns

Sgt J Courtis

PO H Crawford

Sgt E Croker

Sgt V Crook

Sgt K Dawick

Fl Lt A Deere

PO V De la Perrele

Sgt C Durrant

Sgt Dyer

PO E Edmunds

PO W Eiby

Sgt C Emeny

Fl Lt T Fitzgerald

Sgt W Fletcher

Sgt C Forsyth

PO J Gard’ner

PO A Gawith

Sgt Grant

PO J Hamill

FO J Hayter

PO B Herrick

PO C Hight *

Sgt C Hill

Sgt F Hindrup

PO W Hodgson

Sgt R Holder

FO P Horton

Sgt D Hughes *

PO J Humphreys

Sgt G Johnson

PO J Kemp *

PO R Kidsun *

PO O Lamb

Sq Ld T Lovell-Gregg *

PO H Lusk

PO D McKenzie

PO J McKenzie

FO J Martin

Sgt R McChesney

Sgt J McDermott

PO E McHardy

Sgt H Mitchell

Fl Lt M Mowat

Sgt T Oaks

PO E Orgias *

Sgt G Pannell

Sgt E Parsons

Fl Lt J Paterson *

PO J Proctor

Sgt C Pyne

Sgt L Rasmussen *

Sgt C Reilly

Sgt Russell

Sgt Scott

FO G Simpson *

PO I Smith

PO D Spence

PO R Spurdle

Sgt N Stanger

Sgt D Stanley

PO C Stewart

PO J Strange

FO K Sutton

Sgt G Taylor

PO R Trousdale

PO V Verity

Sgt A Walker

FO D Ward

PO J Watters

FO E Wells

PO K Wendel *

Sq Ld E Whitley

PO D Whitney

Sgt P Whitwell

PO R Wigg

PO W Williams

Sgt Willis

Sgt R Young *


Sgt = Sergeant

PO = Pilot Officer

FO = Flying Officer

Fl Lt = Flight Lieutenant

Sq Ld = Squadron Leader

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