Triple Aces were pilots who were credited with shooting down 15 or more enemy aircraft. The Battle of Britain produced many aces (men who shot down 5 or more enemy aircraft) but triple aces were very rare. The figures below for triple ace kills are from July 1st 1940 to October 31st 1940 and include where necessary, where a pilot was in more than one squadron.


Carbury, B (Flying Officer) – 15 kills, 1 shared


Frantisek, J (Sergeant) – 17 kills – Killed in Action 08/10/40


Gray, C (Pilot Officer) – 15 kills, 1 shared


Lacey, J (Sergeant) – 18 kills


Lock, E (Pilot Officer) – 21 kills


McGrath, J (Pilot Officer) – 15 kills


McKellar, A (Flight Lieutenant) – 17 kills, 1 shared


Urbanowicz, W (Flying Officer) – 15 kills

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